Sewing Suspense and horror with Needle

I don’t recall how I heard about the movie Needle, if it was a Netflix suggestion, a preview on a rental or what but I am glad I found out about it.  Needle has an original storyline (at least to me), considering what the plot it aimed around. It’s full of suspense as well as gore, and thanks to writers  Anthony Egan & John V. Soto who also directed.

College student Ben Rutherford (played by Michael Dorman) whose father passed away receives one last piece of inheritance; a mysterious box from the 18th century. At first while with his friends no one can figure out what it is. Someone then accidentally finds a way to open part of it, which looks to have a piece of a photo in it.  With that alone I knew exactly what it was!  A Voodoo box.

The box goes missing and Ben’s friends start dropping, one in which is jock Ryan played by Vampire Diaries & The Originals Vampire Nathaniel Buzolic. Such a shame and out that hurt! I think my favorite death was the (I’ll just call it) the rec. place.

While all this is going on Ben’s brother Marcus played by Vikings’ Travis Fimmel is on call as a crime scene photographer. Who ends up seeing his brother’s friends’ gruesome deaths and in a way tries to investigate  the case himself.

The whole movie I was trying to figure out who it was, which I usually figure out fairly quick, there’s always a tell. The way this movie is written I didn’t find that tell, I was still trying to figure out the mystery until the end of who was doing it.  There is a part right before you ‘find’ the person that does tell you who it is, but if it’s going to mention before the reveal of who did it then it’s fine. Unlike some other stories sometimes there’s a clue in the beginning or in the dialog thank goodness they didn’t do that in this. It was actually interesting to watch and held my attention throughout.

I had this mentioned as one of my top favorite Rentals one year.

I’d like a prequel as to how the box was made, who by and why. Who were they mad at and for what reason.

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Did you see the movie, and what did you think of it?

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