As above, so below -a preview

My first impression when I first heard of the film (before the trailer probably when it was in pre-production), I thought it must  be a story on Witches as “As above So below” has been said a the ending of spells in other movies.

After seeing the trailer  my first instincts of the movie (due to the title) are not correct but,  I’m not disappointed

I thought cool we get to see the underground catacombs (tomb)of  Paris, although it’s yet another  ‘found footage’ format.  It looks creepy, and as far as the interview below goes, it was actually filmed in the catacombs. I just hope it will not end up being like Blair Witch (which I got my money back for, & liked the 2nd movie).

I have seen a movie in the past, a mopie called  The Catacombs  where there was a rave in the location. People were getting killed off but I don’t remember what the cause was.

If I remember right, my favorite ghost show Ghost Adventures – I think had an episode or special there or just a different show with Zak Bagans (the host of Ghost Adventures)  Ah Here it is Scroll down & there are 5 options to check out.

This is one of the places I would be interested to travel to in the world just for curiosity sake, mostly to see if it could get an actual scare out of me (being as horror movies sadly have yet to do more than just give me a bit of a chill; but not  ‘horror’fy me.) Maybe that’s what you get when You are a baby in your mother’s arms in a haunted house  & Frankenstein tells your mother “Leave the child” (yep! I think she should have, though sorry Frankie I belong in Drac’s castle.

iHorror review by John Squires 

Interview with Creators & stars from The Nerdist  *  Catacombs of Paris (Wki) 

Catacombs of Paris official Site  * Images from inside the catacombs  *

Map (bring a bike or scooter down  It’s a long walk)



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